Thanksgiving Week, Part 2, aka “The Prep”

Continuing with our exploits during Thanksgiving Week, we focus on some of the work leading up to having 25 people invade our house.

My biggest task was getting some of the leaves up off the grass.  Some may still call this “raking the leaves,” but I haven’t used a rake in almost 10 years.  This is due mostly to the fact that we live in the middle of 5 acres of trees.  For me, getting the leaves off the grass is somewhat like painting the Golden Gate Bridge … by the time you think you’re finished, it’s time to start all over again.  And since normally this task falls to me alone, I have become quite adept with my leaf removal weapon of choice.

The leaf blower.

This year, however, I decided it was time to start passing down this skill in order to someday get out of having to do this job get some quality time with the kids.

J exhibits a classic “high and tight”  approach.

While A lets gravity help with the “low and slow” grip.

Of course, after about 4.5 seconds of work, the kids decided they had enough “fun.”  Wanting to keep their attention, I then taught them some of the finer skills of leaf blowing, such as …

… the large mouth bass

… and the belly ripple

After “helping” me with the leaves, the kids decided it was time to “help” their mother, who was working on table decorations.

Here’s a great idea, lets give each child several long, pointy sticks!

They were able to provide great assistance with name place cards.

We had to extend two tables from the foyer, through the dining room and into the study. But we were finally ready to go.

Next up, Thanksgiving Week, Part 3, aka “Visiting the Big Man”

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2 Comments on “Thanksgiving Week, Part 2, aka “The Prep””

  1. quotation marks. Says:

    Boy, a three-parter….but it was an entire week. With all of you with your “ears” on, I was waiting for you to show J and A the finer things about shooting. Hmmm. Well, maybe not. They’ll get to the crossbow soon enough. Then you can have some venison for dinner. Who knows…you may like it better than turkey…NOT….the fried turkey was great. I’ll wait anxiously to see how the trip to see The Big Man went. That has been an adventure for so many years. Have M tell you the story sometime about a “real” experience one of our neighbors had in NC recently with a real “look alike” Big Guy.

  2. miss V. Says:

    loved your moves with the finer skills of leaf blowing..Looks like A & J did too…The tables look lovely..Can’t wait for part three..

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