Thanksgiving Week, Part 3, aka “Visiting the Big Man”

So, after Part 2, with the house ready for the onslaught, we thought we might as well get another difficult trial out of the way early this year.

We headed out to see Santa.

Normally, we tend to lollygag when it comes to getting pictures with Santa.  But a chance encounter a week earlier made us reconsider this approach.  You see, while at the mall for dinner the week before, we noticed that Santa was already in residence.

And there was absolutely no line.

At 6 pm.

So, hoping that there still were not many others crazy enough to see Santa before Thanksgiving, we packed up the gang and headed out.

The kids were already prepared…

J loves his Star Wars Legos.  And you have to appreciate the way he butters up Old St. Nick before going for the jugular.

A was ready with a sealed envelope. She’s tricky, that one.

When we got there, there was no line. I think this threw off J and A, since they normally have a lot more time in line to think about what they are going to say. Or cry.

So we walked right up to Santa …

I think A’s starting to be a little skeptical.

And now the obligatory recap of 8 years worth of Santa photos:








And next time, we’ll finally get to Thanksgiving Week, Part 4, aka “T-Day”

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2 Comments on “Thanksgiving Week, Part 3, aka “Visiting the Big Man””

  1. quotation marks. Says:

    Hey, it only took FIVE years….then the last 3 have been great. They were prepared too. The BIG GUY has changed a little too over the 8 sessions. Haven’t we all. Now K, it looks as though you were in line; did you chicken out this year? Looks like you have the time down pat…just need to repeat it next year…there will come a time when J and A won’t want to sit on his lap. Maybe that will be the time for Ned to take his turn. Now I’ll wait for part 4…what a week. Now I’ve got to wait for “part 4.”

  2. Heather S. Mayhew Says:

    That is the cutest thing I ever saw! I loved it…progress is a wonderful thing!

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