A Day of Contrasts

I’m typing this from the airport, waiting to get on a flight.

By myself.

K, Nana and the kids just took off on another flight.

Ok, let’s back up

A week ago Friday, I got one of those calls that you never expect. The father/husband of some very dear friends of my family went out for a morning walk and did’t come back. It appears his heart simply stopped as he was walking through their neighborhood. I’ve known this family for my entire life. And while 68 seemed to be really old when I was 10, I find it is much too young now.

When the family asked me, my brother and my father to single at the funeral, there was no answer other than “absolutely.” One wrinkle popped up, though. The service was scheduled for the time my family was supposed to be on an airplane for a week’s vacation. Knowing there was no way I was going to miss this service, I quickly rearranged my flight for a couple of hours later.

So, this morning, I dropped off K, Nana and the kids at the airport, sped back to church, sang in the service, sped back to the airport, and am now waiting for my flight to leave.

And what makes this whirlwind morning even more of a study in contrasts?

We’re headed to Disney World.

Very odd going from a remembrance of a dear friend’s life to an airplane full of cheerful kids headed to The Happiest Place On Earth.

Hopefully I’ll be able to provide updates on our adventure during the week.

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4 Comments on “A Day of Contrasts”

  1. CPQ Says:

    We were there in spirit. I hope this week together as a family makes it all the more special.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    I’m just leaving the church. THANK YOU so much for adjusting your plans so you, S and I could sing the one song L (and M) requested. Thanks for K, Nana, J and A understanding and going on ahead. It’s now about 3:15 so hopefully you all will be meeting-up together shortly.I hope you all have a fun and safe week. No broken legs this time. Also hang on to A at night. HA.
    More later.

  3. quotation marks Says:

    My 1st post says it is 4:11 pm. Hmmmmm
    The site must be on Atlantic time (in St. Martin). It would be nice to be there. Probably about 82 degrees.

  4. miss V. Says:

    Good people doing the right thing..

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