WDW – Day One

Ok, it’s really more like Day 1/2. We got to the parks at 4:30, and took the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. I really didn’t have a plan (which K always appreciates), so we just took in the sights, rode rides with the shortest lines, all while enjoying the weather.

The temperature when we left.
The temperature when we landed

Rolling in
Assume monorail positions!
Gotta love this line.
Meeting the Big Cheese
it’s a small world
This face is why we come here
Parade watching
Official fireworks watching positions
Mesmerized by explosives

Tomorrow, Animal Kingdom!

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4 Comments on “WDW – Day One”

  1. Grandma M Says:

    I love the big smiles! It lifted my spirit. Thanks.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    WOW is the word. Boy, you really did hit the ground running. FYI the temp here at 6:45 am is 30 F. Nice “lines.” I think B and K like these trips the most, even meeting the Big Cheese himself. Parade, etc. etc. Looks like you’ve done it all already. You must be coming home today. HA.
    J and A, take care of the other three. Don’t let them break one of their own legs. 🙂

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Grandma M. was up late—-watching skating. Her spirits probably needed a little “lifting,” as I see from the paper that the girl she thought would win, came in 2nd. She has some comments she could make about the “judging” in ice skating.
    Now a slight “correction” from my “7:00am” comment. The temperature now at about 8:30 am here is, according to my cell weather report, 24 degrees F.
    You better dress warmly today. HA.

  4. Betty Barlow Merritt Says:

    Look, we all know the real reason for Disneyland-but it is really nice of you to share. Betty

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