WDW – Day Two

Day two started bright and early. But, if you remember what happened on our first night at Disney two years ago, it didn’t start THAT early. You may recall that our first night at Disney two years ago was interrupted at 2am by a call from the police asking us if we had a daughter named A, since she was found outside our room. She woke up in the middle of the night and tried to find us. Unfortunately this meant going out the front door of our rental condo. Luckily our neighbors were night owls, found her, and got the authorities involved.

Good times.

So, without that drama this time, we headed out to Animal Kingdom for rope drop.

First order of business is always riding the safari
Nana is not impressed by elephants
Three primates
A playing bird watching bingo
K won the “First pooped on by bird” award
K did get picked to help out with some other birds

J was finally tall enough to ride DINOSAUR
He may have had his fingers in his ears the whole time, but it still counts
We did see a couple of characters

I did get K on Expedition Everest.

A bought some ears. Coordinated with the rest of her outfit, of course.
The parade was a hit
So were all the shows
J even liked the shows. With ears plugged, of course.
Tigger was a big hit
J makes friends in the boneyard playground
Everest is even more impressive looking at night
The Tree of Life isn’t bad either

Day two down. Tomorrow – Epcot!

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4 Comments on “WDW – Day Two”

  1. CPQ Says:

    FRONT ROW???? Ack!

  2. Grandma M Says:

    I love that coaster!!!! Epcot is my all time favorite! enjoy tomorrow.
    we are going to have an ice storm Monday! Uck!

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Just from the two prior comments, you can see who the early to bed guys; obviously not Grandma M. and CPQ. Now a few comments from ” “.
    Introduction: Well one night down w/o a missing child, but the officer probably missed meeting you again in your nighttime attire.
    1. Animal Kingdom; hope you kept the kids on short leashes.
    2. A; is the Safari ride that loud?
    3. Nana probably really likes the elephants, but she’s just keeping an eye on B.
    4. All the way up here, I can hear the 2 primats in the front of the picture.
    5. Who won the bingo game?
    6. Seems like K has won this “contest” before.
    7. If you get pooped on, I guess you get picked to help with the other birds. Is K an obstruction? I don’t think so.
    8. Tall enough and riding, even with dingers in ears. J probably has the best hearing of all of us.
    9. Looks like the “characters” are in the middle (that’s you J and A).
    10. Everest–front row..always. “Let’s go again daddy.”
    11. Nice hair. I’d like to know what the TS file contains. Did you get busted?
    12. Watch out A, those “ears” may become permanent on your head. [the weather looks great where you are unlike the ice here this morning (Monday).
    13. Everyone likes a parade and shows, especially B & J, who probably can hear everything perfectly.
    14. Nice “high 5” with Tigger or is it Tiger. I’m not a very good speeler.
    15. Maybe J will be an anthropologist some day
    16. Nice night shots. Day 2 must almost be over.

    And by the way B: Did you ever feed your clan on Day 2? I look forward to Epcot. (It’s 10:30 here on Monday. You’re probably already there. Hope you had some breakfast.

  4. Uncle S Says:

    You seem to be in less trouble on Everest this time. If I recall correctly, last time the Queen “was not amused.”

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