WDW – Day Four

Today was at Hollywood Studios. But to us, it might has well been called Star Wars Studios, since that was pretty much a major focus of our day.

But first up was Toy Story Mania, the ride you need to get to early or risk long, long lines

K always tried valiantly
But I emerged victorious
Hello there!
We met this guy outside. I think my Halloween costume was better.
On to Star Tours, where J narrowly avoided being stepped on.
This was J’s expression during most of the attraction.
While K and Nana rode once and were done, J, A and I rode a total of 5 times over the course of the day. Yes, we like Star Wars.
Photobombed by an AT-AT

Next to Star Tours, they have a little show called Jedi Training where they let little kids battle Darth Vader. Our kids were a little hesitant to partake, but they loved to watch.

J was a little nervous about the outcome of this battle.

Lunch was at Sci Fi Drive In, where you eat in tables shaped like cars, while watching 1950’s movie clips.20130129-212737.jpg
J was even watching the movies while we walked out.
Raiders of the Lost Ark Stunt Show
Oh look, a parade.
But we stop and watch because of these faces.

Then it was time for me and K to do a couple of thrill rides. First up was Rockin’ Rollercoaster, which is K’s favorite. This is the 0-60 mph launch:

Again, from the front row.
Obligatory rocker poses.
Then it was on to Tower of Terror, which is my favorite. I can only get K on it once a trip.
She made it through without spewing.

We ended the evening at Fantasmic, an outdoor show. It fills up about an hour ahead of time, so they have some pre-show entertainment to keep everybody occupied. Can you tell which one of the kids is more outgoing?

It’s really a great show.

And this reaction to the end of the show is why we keep coming back to Disney:

Tomorrow, back to the Magic Kingdom for a full day.

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3 Comments on “WDW – Day Four”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    First to comment today, but 10:15pm and I’m about to hit the sack. More tomorrow am. ” “

  2. Grandma M Says:

    all I can say is WOW! J. how tall is Vader? Was his voice scary? it’s amazing how much you can see in one day. A. I love your pink ears! It’s the MAGIC Kingdom! have fun! love, Gr.M.

  3. quotation marks Says:

    Well it’s a little more reasonable time for me now; about 8:10am. You guys are burning it at both ends. Explain that one to the kids.
    Hollywood; so many parts. Figures Toy Story first, but Star Wars…hmmmm. Seems like a coin flip to me.
    3-D glasses rules me out for that one.
    B won; he must have cheated.
    J- you look great upside down.
    No contest with the Army man; B, yours was better.
    “expressions”–almost 8; priceless.
    Jedi J; sign him up, Only holding one ear.
    Finally you fed the bunch even if it was in a car.
    A neat parade and an ad for “Kids Praise.”
    “In the front row.” Uncle Tom would have been proud.
    Glad to see that K “made it.”
    Shorts and tee-shirts; looks great
    Early up and late to bed; you must be pacing the kids somewhere during the day, but I guess they’re getting older. Yep.
    Looks like everyone is accounted for
    Fantasmic (?): as to “outgoing,” I think B probably wins that prize too.
    “See” you tomorrow

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