WDW – Day Three

Day three was in my favorite park – Epcot. Being a geek, I’ve always enjoyed the technical aspects of the Futureworld part of the park, combined with the international flavor of World Showcase.

First up is always Soarin’
Then a trip on Living with the Land, a favorite of my Environmental Science major wife.
Time for a snack
First, an animated turtle …
… then the real thing.
We got the kids on Test Track for the first time. I think it will be the last time for A for a while.

But J loved it, so K and I took him back on right away

We took some time to listen to the Voices of Liberty

We met a character or two

J wanted nothing to do with Minnie when she wanted him to kiss her

At the spot where you can test Coke products from around the world, I got A to try some “Beverly” which is a very bitter soda.

Nana offered to put the kids to bed while K and I had a date night. We had dinner at The Coral Seas, a restaurant that faces the huge aquariums at The Living Seas. We even got a table right next to the glass.
Not many places where you can watch sharks during dinner
And we finished the night watching fireworks.

Tomorrow – Hollywood Studios!

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2 Comments on “WDW – Day Three”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    Ha, I get the first comment today, as you were obviously up late (from “date”) and Grandma M. et al were in bed at time of post. Try not to burn it at both ends too often….but I forget, you guys are young.
    Now as to Epcot:
    Soarin’–?? You’re the biggest kid of all.
    All “Thumbs Up.” Hey, 2 pictures. Nana got a good picture Lora G. would love the “mouths open” shots. That’s how she appeared in most of the pics I’ve taken of her.
    At least some “thing” had time for a “snack”

    yesterday, but its catch must have escaped.
    I’m trying to picture the difference between an annimated turtle and a real turtle. Grandma M. would like either as she likes swimming with swimming with turtles.
    Now the Test Track looks right up my alley, but apparently not up A’s alley (I hope I got the spellings right.)
    B loves everything.
    Way to go J.
    Short sleeves-hang on to your hat J. Reminds me of Uncle T.
    B, you probably could have helped out a little with the Voices of Liberty; maybe a retirement job.
    More “characters” and the ears come out.
    J: Just wait about ? years when a kiss from Minnie, or who knows what her name will be. Trust me, “okay.”
    “Beverly Drink:” sounds yucky. I’ll have to try it sometime. What country?
    Hey, at last, at least B and K get to sit down for a dinner—HA. Nice date. Look great. New hat?
    Thanks Nana.
    Epcot is fine. It’s 9:20am Jan. 29 now. I imagine you’re up and about. Short night. On to your next adventure.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    your post is still on “Atlantic” time. Interesting.

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