WDW – Day Five

Today we were present for both the opening and closing of the Magic Kingdom. Crowds were relatively light, so we got to everything we wanted to do.

K wearing her new Geek Mickey shirt.

A and J watching the opening ceremony.

The Disney equivalent of the Running of the Bulls.

First up was Dumbo


Then we hit the Speedway



K even bravely took a turn.
Winnie the Pooh had lots of hands-on toys in the line to keep kids entertained (which also has the side benefit of immune system testing, since they are touched by tens of thousands of kids a day).
Flying with Peter Pan

There is a neat new interactive meet and great with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. A even volunteered to have a part in the action.

J does his best Gaston
On to the new Little Mermaid ride


The ride stopped for several minutes while we were in front of this scene. At least it wasn’t “it’s a small world.”
Lunch. Pork Shank. ‘Nuff said.
A was brave enough to try The Haunted Mansion for the first time. Maybe we’ll get J on it tomorrow.
A high-brow moment at the Hall of Presidents
A less-than high brow moment at the Country Bear Jamboree


A little sword fighting amongst siblings
Jungle Cruise
J gets in a little target practice on Tom Sawyer’s Island
We got both kids on their first roller coaster, Big Thunder Mountain

How did they like it?

Nana concentrates while A aims (with one eye closed) on Buzz Lightyear
I rode with the kids the next time around.
I maxed out on my score, thank you very much.
A trip on the PeopleMover
A continued with her day of firsts, this time on Space Mountain
She had some last minute jitters.

But she made it though just fine

We ended the day with dinner, the castle projection show, and fireworks. Whew!

Tomorrow, back to the Magic Kingdom for a birthday celebration.

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3 Comments on “WDW – Day Five”

  1. Grandma M Says:

    Thanks for all your effort to send these great pix and videos. It’s so much fun watching and hearing your voices, especially the duet of you and Joe in the tea cup. Awesome! We are having quite a rainstorm tonight. Gr.M.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Day 5, but Happy Birthday while I’m writing this.
    Long day from “open to close. Clear blue skies. Love the Mickey glasses. Smart Geek guy. Let’s hear is for Mickey. Looks like a popular place. “Good Morning boys and girls,” then you’re off.
    Dumbo – mouth open. Ha.
    Speedway- are you sure you’re not in England; steering weel on the right.I don’t see any crash marks on the dar.
    Tea cups–mouth open. Again, Uncle Tom when you were J’s age. K is brave on a Tea Cup????.
    Immune system testing?? Right up K’s alley. I’m sure she had it all figured out. .
    Peter Pan, again mouth mouth open . Lora G. would still be proud.
    Meet Belle: A a good volunteer.
    Little Mermaid: nice shots, especially J and B (mouths closed).
    Pork Shank– not sure exactly what that is(although I’ve had lamb shank) but it looks great; grease up to the elbows.
    Haunted Mansion -way to go A.
    Hall of Presidents v. Country Bear Jamboree; That’s why we have two “brows.”
    Pirates; a familiar sounding “arg.”
    Sword fighting; now are those weapons? Were they suspended?
    Jungle Cruise; now that’s Nana’s ride, right?
    J and target practicing. Someday he can try out your __-__.
    Now Big Thunder Mountain, that’s my cuptof tea. All 4 of you on this, where’s Nana, perhaps taking the picture?
    What better response than “That was the best ride ever.” Doesn’t that make it all worth it.

    Buzz ; Nana’s really trying. Now which is A’s master eye. Star Cadet: 999,999; you must have missed one or you’d have gotten a perfect 1 mil. Better luck next time. Maybe you need to close one eye like Ally.
    People Mover sounds kind of tough, but it must be quiet; no ears are covered.
    At long last, Space Mountain” and a “COOL” to the end. Dinner, boy you fed the kids twice.
    Finally fireworks. EArs covered for some, I bet.
    Tomorrow (or today) BD celebration at the MK.
    HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY J and A.

  3. Uncle S Says:

    Careful J. They want to ban that assault rifle.

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