WDW – Day Seven

Since we’re on our second round of the parks, we’ve slowed down a little. And by that I mean I’m not dragging everybody around at breakneck speed anymore. I tend to do the parks “commando style,” meaning I want to squeeze every ounce of fun out of every minute the parks are open. While this leads to having lots of fun, it tends to cause K to want to kill me. So, for the sake of marital harmony, we took it easy today. We were only in the parks for 9 hours.

Back to Epcot
Wear and tear is starting to show on the troops
But they quickly rebounded for the first trip in Soarin’
This picture summarizes Disney. Beautiful vistas, amazing architecture, stroller parking
We did go on the Imagination ride once, even though, ironically, there isn’t much imagination left in it since they dumbed it down several years ago.
We saw the incredibly cheesy movie “Captain EO,” which was made in 1986 and re-released after Michael Jackson died. To say the years have not been kind to it would be an understatement.

After seeing Michael Jackson, A had a very astute question:

I can remember being fascinated by these fountains as a kid.

At lunch, J protected us from marauding birds.
One last flight on Soarin’
On Soarin’ they warn everybody to take off loose shoes. A really liked the idea of going shoeless.
J’s best samurai pose in Japan.
A quick stop in France for some eclairs, chocolate tarts, and croissants.
Watching the fife and drum corps outside the American Pavilion.
More bad nutritional choices
Surprisingly, this is Japanese for “Funnel Cake”
A quick stop in Italy.
One last ride on Test Track
I had to ride Mission Space by myself …
… mostly because K tends to need one of these barf bags when she rides it. And yes, they actually have barf bags on the ride.

This is a ride on the end of a robotic arm. You get to design your own roller coaster layout, then the ride recreates it virtually. Once the kids saw this, they had to do it.

And they loved it.
We then started to head out.
We got in one more ride on Spaceship Earth.
Our pictures up on the end of the ride.
I could take pictures if this all day.
This too.
It’s too bad they don’t like each other.

After leaving Epcot, we went to Downtown Disney for a little dinner and a little shopping. K now wants me to figure out how they do these lights so we can recreate it at home.

I think dinner at The Earl of Sandwich is a new tradition.
When J saw this, we had to make a pit stop.

With that, we headed home for our last night in town. Tomorrow, we’re heading to whatever park the kids want to visit.

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6 Comments on “WDW – Day Seven”

  1. CPQ Says:

    You ate at Earl when Pollo Campero was right around the corner?

  2. Grandma M Says:

    What a wonderful adventure you all have had! Looks like the weather was great! Little feet walked miles and miles with no complaints! How perfect is that? have a safe trip home.
    love, Gr. M.

  3. quotation marks Says:

    8:20am when I start. Have had a tough time giving reply, maybe too long, so I’ll be briefer. Day 7, slowing down to 50 mph, right. Wake them all up. EPCOT, picked by B I’m sure. Soarin will wake they up. I don’t see any twin strollers. How can you “dumb down” an Imagination Ride?” Was MJ male or female? You’re still facinated by jumping fountains, as are J&A. Japan = samurai + Cake (funnel).
    FRANCH= YUM. Just like the French side of Saint Martin, every morning. Decisions, decisions. Don’t forget Italy and the leaning tower of “pizza.” Test track now thaty looks fun. Mission Space; ??barf bag. But it’s the Tea cups that do me in. J&A like almost everything; they’re in their 9th year now. Love the Golf Ball pic. BTW, “Lefty (not Mickey) has a 4 stroke lead after 2 rounds in Arizona. Should be a good afternoon and tomorrow prior to the SB. There is a “downtown” Disney? The twinkle lights would be a great intro the the Leg Lamp…and might drive S & K nuts. I checked out the Earl of Sandwich and the Pollo Campero on-line. Agree with your comment to CPQ. But anywhere she taks her BIG gang has got to be an adventure, with a big bill. Their “little” ones eat way more than J&A—duh. LEGO is everywhere tempting kids of all ages. Kids choice today, Sat, short day. don’t miss the plane. The temp here now is 15. THANKS SO MUCH for Days 1-7 and all 5 of your contributions to some fun on this end ..for us. Maybe we’ll see “some” of you on Sunday. I guess it’s a work day for one of you..maybe. Not really a let-down when you get back as you have the Super Bowl…and don’t forget round 4 of the golf match. Then back to work and school on Monday. I didn’t have to mention that did I. I guess it’ll be “Go Ravens” for me, but maybe a bigger “Go Commercials.” Actually talk with you and see you, whenever. We’re off to Corky’s service. Choir has to be there at 10:15am. Signing off; at 8:35am.

  4. quotation marks Says:

    Short follow-up. Sorry for the few misspellings above. Wanted to get it typed before it “went away” mysteriously again. One in particular: Its FRANCE…
    and FRENCH. The bake goods/pasteries in Saint Martin are really good. The end.

  5. miss V. Says:

    Another fun day !!! Love going to France for wonderful empty calories..Smart kidos..Enjoy the sun shine..

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