WDW – Day Six

So, today was pretty much the reason we’re at Disney. Eight years ago, we welcomed J and A into the world. Since this was their day, we went were they wanted to go. So back to the Magic Kingdom we went.

Since we slept in a little this morning, we were parked so far away that we actually had to take the tram. Of course the kids were actually excited about this.
Watching the castle show.
J wanted to ride the barnstormer
So of course we had to ride in the front row

Then it was time for, yes, more teacups.

Part of our tradition is having a meal in Cinderella* Castle.

* Edit note: My lovely wife pointed out that the castle actually belongs to Cinderella’s in-laws, meaning the true name is more if a description of the movie the castle is in, and should not be described in the possessive form. And people call me a geek.


The view of the dining area
And the view out into Fantasyland

The other princesses greet you at your table. A was, shall we say, a little bit excited.

When the other princesses showed up, J didn’t want to hug any of them, except for Aurora. He has a thing for blondes.



Eating birthday cupcakes

With Mickey sprinkles
But Merida doll is not impressed.
While A was happy she wasn’t dreaming

After lunch, K took A to go meet some more characters, and I took J to Tom Sawyer’s island. He was ready for any trouble we might encounter.
Taking the raft over.




While on the island, J made a couple of friends and spent some time playing hide and go seek. When his friends started to leave, they all went to one of the caves on the island. As I started to follow, J turned around and said “Dad, you don’t always have to follow me around. I’ll be OK.”

So after I stopped weeping openly, we headed off the island to meet back up with K, A, and Nana.

Time for another ride on Big Thunder Mountain

Look, characters wandering the streets. Must be another parade.
A took another spin with me on the Haunted Mansion
Just goofing off waiting to meet back up with K.
No Disney trip is complete without seeing the Carousel of Progress
A loves the PeopleMover

While we were on the PeopleMover, they were working on Space Mountain with the lights on.

A little pre-parade snack


One more round of fireworks

I think it was a pretty happy birthday.

Tomorrow, back to Epcot.


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6 Comments on “WDW – Day Six”

  1. Grandma M Says:

    Great duet of A and J on teacups! love it! A. those glowing ears are really cool. amazing to see Space Mt. In the light. Learn all you can at Epcot. your teacher may have you write a REPORT! It may snow a little here tonight. You had a wonderful birthday! don’t forget to thank your mom and dad and Nana! love, Gr. M.

  2. Heather S. Mayhew Says:

    This has been so much fun! I feel as if I have been there. We went the first year it opened about a century ago. Much has changed. MUch as I miss y’all, I don’t want you to come home but to stay and send more pics and fun!
    Love and hugs,

  3. CPQ Says:

    Teacups make me, um, hurl. Bless your inner sense of balance.

  4. quotation marks Says:

    I’m late today..cortazone shot in L kneethis am 😦

    Now: Day 6..looks like a great 8th HBD Day.
    Sleep-in good…tram good…just look at their eyes. Castle looks good. Brainstormer-sounds “BAD” but looks very good.
    Don’t you all ever get tired of teacups? CPQ does. HA. From the sound on the teacups(TC), “loud.” B sounds like uncle Tom with you and S. You’ve got to be dizzy. [BTY, Tom and M are on their way to Ft. Myers for a month; in the middle, they will join us for “the week.”] Rough TC stop….now time to throw up…for me.
    Good that meal at Castle was after the TCs. Meeting Cinderella*, something I did recently. Edit note*
    Boy K is tough. Ate again, good.
    A liked princesses; A’s got ants in her pants.
    J likes blondes; like his dad = K.
    I like them all no matter what hair color, but I don’t think they’d let me stand next to them, just kids; but hey I’m just tall for my age.
    BD cupcakes—there they are = 8 years old officially…..but in their 9th year. A gets all of the cupcake; just give J a bowl of sprinkles.
    Now the look of Merida is “interesting.” How do you know all of their names? Where are the Princes?
    No A, it’s not a bad dream, and you have a video to prove it in court.
    So on to Tom Sawyer’s Island– is it a boy place? Looks like it.
    “Dad, you don’t always have to follow me around. I’ll be OK” = you’ll follow and follow-up on him/them for several more years – then they’ll ask for the car keys and away they’ll go. You’ll be left to trust, and just pray that they will remember what you’ve taught them. I’ll be praying too. It’s just about like when we dropped off S at college = “weeping openly”, yes. We are a lot alike.
    BIG THUNDER –loud. Love it. Is that it being loud?
    Fortunaely A’s nose takes after K’s, but you obviously see “nose to nose.”
    Those people movers are neat. A doesn’t miss a thing, but what does it mean to “peal an eye?”
    Working on Space Mountain with light; an engineer’s dream.
    A snack…pre-parade…any excuse.
    It’s getting dark; electrical parade, neat; sounds like a combination of a pinball machine, a pochinco machine, a glokenspeel (sp?) and a casino.
    Endling with fireworks—I’m holding my ears too.
    Tired A. and I’m sure a tired J too. I bet B and K’s backs are tired too.
    Back to Epcot (even as I type late afternoon Friday). B must have been the picker of Day 7.
    “See you tomorrow.”
    We’ll be at “Corky’s” memorial in the morning, eating popcorn.

  5. miss V. Says:

    You all have the most fun together!! Thanks for sharing it all with us !! Happy Birthday J & A !!! A Blessing for all..Nana, you look great! Everyone looks great actually !!

  6. quotation marks Says:

    Hope your day went well today. I talked enough above. More in the morning. Time for me to hit the sack.

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