WDW – Day Eight

Well, we went eight straight days to a Disney park and lived to tell about it. Given the choice of where they wanted to go today, the kids chose Magic Kingdom, of course. So off we went for our 4th go round …

The last time seeing this entrance on this trip
For some reason, these gates are always the first signal that we’re at the Magic Kingdom
Today, we decided to take the ferry over.
I have to figure out some way to stop this trend of people using iPads to take videos.
First up, K took A to meet Tinkerbell
While Nana, J and I hit the Jungle Cruise
Another ride on Pirates of the Caribbean

A got a little worried when the pirates were saying they wanted “the redhead”

Another trip on Big Thunder
Front row.
Big Thunder was definitely our favorite of the week
A trip up the Swiss Family Treehouse
Yet another trip on Big Thunder. But this time, J and A wanted to sit by themselves.

Just the kids posing in front of the steamship

The entire Astro Orbiter ride. Caution: May Cause Nausea

If J ever decides that he’s too cool for Disney when he’s a teenager, I’ll remind him of the hoards of roving Brazilian teenage girls who come to the park this time of year.
And I’ll also mention to him that there’s always a national cheerleading competition this time of year as well
A quick stop for some more sugar products.
A convinced J to ride Space Mountain

Ready to go.

I think they liked it.

As for K, well, I’m also pretty sure I know how she felt about it.

But no, we won’t be purchasing a photo today.
As our time wound down, we were able to squeeze in one more ride on Big Thunder

With that, it was time to wave goodbye to Disney World.
One last photo op
The saddest part … heading out the turnstiles.
The monorail trip back to reality

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2 Comments on “WDW – Day Eight”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    Posted at “1:15 am” today..I still think that must have been 12:15 am EST. You probably can explain that to me sometime. Day 8 = sadly “Day Last” as you ultimately head back to reality and the cold weather back home; even a few “flakes.” But home in time for the SB and maybe the last round of a very interesting PGA golf match. Starting at the beginning; Do they drive on the left side of the road at WDW? Mickey directs you to the MK, but bet all of you know exactly which way to go without any help from Mickey. A Ferry? I’m now lost. Sun in J.s eyes, looks like the weather really cooperated this year. A beautifuy day for a ferry ride. Just say to those iPad photographers, “”down in front.” Hey, Tinker Bell is blonde–where is J? Oh I see him…Jungle cruise; Tinker’s loss Pirates seem to be a favorite. Hey A, the blessings of being a redhead = special; ask G. Big Thunder; front Row = favorite..well they are now in their 9th year, so J&A can go by themselves. I guess they’ve been bonded from birth. . Now I hear the “thunder.” Hense the name Big Thunder. B, where’s your hat? Astro Orbiter; clockwise, around and around. I might take a pass. “stat seated until” etc. Now where is Nana? What is a “hoard…of roving girls from wherever?” Hang on K&B, J won’t have to go to WDW to find girls; whether or not they’re cheerleaders. They’ll be all over the place right at home. And in fact, A will probably bring some of her friends home to “meet” joe. Hang in there. A and that sticky stuff; yuck, but GM M loves it too. Space Mountain; last day; now or never. Answer was “now” and the after reply of “awesome” said it all. Two thumbs up from J&A and only one thumb down from K. How about B? And did Nana get the tie-breaking vote? Yea, sure. Big T must have been a big hit. BUT, “sad faces;” good things do have to come to an end, at least for this time. And the inevitable monirail backto reality, as you put it; but the memories are are recorded forever.
    MANY THANKS for letting me (and many people who know and love all of you) enjoy your trip. {I hope S didn’t stand you up last evening.]

  2. miss V. Says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with us..I commend your endurance..Eight days at Disney..Wow..

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