Livin’ on a prayer

The BMTP watch (bread, milk, toilet paper) is in full effect. We’re expecting some snow over the next day, so the kids are pulling out all the stops in hopes that this will lead to at least one day off school.

They’ve been chanting “snow, snow, snow.”

They’ve flushed an ice cube down the toilet.

They’re wearing their pajamas inside out and backwards.


I’m not sure from where these rituals originated, but I’m pretty sure they will “work” at least for tomorrow. Our house is located within the 6-8″ band of the snow forecast.

I wonder if flushing a banana leaf down the toilet will bring on tropical weather?

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3 Comments on “Livin’ on a prayer”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    Question: Is there choir tomorrow? Maybe I’ll put my pjs on backwards and see what happens. Sounds “uncomfortable” to me……

  2. whimzie Says:

    If we got enough snow overnight to cover the ground, sometimes it would create a unique bright white light that would show up on the floor under the window blind. On nights we went to bed when there was snow in the forecast, I’d pray really hard with my eyes squeezed shut, “Oh, please let there be snow. Oh, please let there be snow. Oh, please let there be snow.” Then I’d open my eyes, look for the white light, and run to the window to see if my prayers had been answered the way I wanted. I hope your little people’s prayers came true!!

    I’d never heard of flushing the ice cube! That’s a good one!!

  3. miss V. Says:

    I hope they get their Snow day!! The ice cube is new to me, also the p.j.’s. However we have had 9 snow days so far, so I guess we had better pay more attention to how our girl wears her p.j’s and check for missing ice cubes !!!!

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