This week’s Nana update

Nana saw the surgeon this morning.  After looking at her CT scan from last Friday, he’s confident that this thing has not spread very far.  Therefore he’s going to perform the surgery laparoscopically, which is a whole lot better from a recovery standpoint.  There’s a chance that once he gets in there, he could see additional places that may require a more invasive surgery.  But at least based on what he knows right now, we may have caught this thing before it had spread too far.

Still on for surgery next Wednesday, April 24th, first thing in the morning. If all goes as planned, she’ll spend one night in the hospital and come home on the 25th.  Thanks for your continued prayers.

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One Comment on “This week’s Nana update”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    Still praying. I’ll help keep an eye on J & A, but I’m sure they’ll be glad when their Nana is “back in the saddle” again, so to say. 🙂

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