Nana surgery day

Nana and K left for the hospital at 5:45 this morning. I’m dropping off the kids at school then heading to the hospital. I’ll update this entry as we get information throughout the day. Thanks for your prayers.

Update 8:04 am: They just took Nana to the back to start the surgery. Thanks to the two ministers from our church who were there to pray with her.

Update 9:00 am: No real status update, but some fun facts about the surgery. One reason we’re a half hour from home at the area’s biggest hospital (instead of the one a mile from our house) is that the doctor is using the DaVinci surgical robot to perform a lot of the procedure. Here’s what the setup looks like:

K thinks it looks as if the doctor is playing a video game. K’s brother hopes the doctor gets the high score.

Update 10:00 am: Nana is out of surgery. Everything went well. The surgeon said he did remove a couple of lymph nodes that were swollen. And there was a spot on one of her ovaries. He also said, based on the biopsy and what he saw in surgery, that this type of cancer does have a “high rate of return and a high rate of metastasis,” but they really won’t know for sure until the post surgery pathology comes back. Also, he confirmed that they do want to put her through a course of chemo as a precaution. So more fun to come.

Update 1 pm: K went back to see Nana for a bit. Still really groggy, but otherwise seems to be doing ok. Just waiting for a room to open up.

In unrelated news, we just realized that we are sitting in the exact same spot where we waited during J’s open heart surgery.


Update 2:15pm: Nana is in a room. On the way up, we made a stop in the High Risk Pregnancy unit where K spent almost a month at the end of our pregnancy, some 8 years ago (ironically, in the same room our good friend CPQ spent time in almost 14 years ago)

Having flashbacks


Update 4:15pm: Nana’s doing well. She’s not quite as loopy as she was several hours ago, so the entertainment value has dropped a bit. It really hurts for her to laugh, so of course the first thing I did was show her my new badge:

After she stopped suppressing laughter and writhing in pain, I explained that it’s one if the perks of the job. And it saves us $5 in parking.

We can tell she’s feeling better because she’s telling us we don’t need to stay, that we’ve got more important things to do, asking us if we we’re eating enough, etc. And when K mentioned a cute item in the hospital gift shop, Nana immediately said “Oh, take my credit card and go get something nice for yourself.”

Update 6:15pm: They’ve already got Nana up and about. She just finished two laps around the nurses’ station. Next event up is the javelin throw.

Update 9:15pm. Nana is tucked in for the evening. She ate a whole bowl of soup, which is good progress. We’re still hopeful that she’ll come home tomorrow.

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4 Comments on “Nana surgery day”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    I’m also praying (8:55 am) for Nana and all of you. I’ll handle my “part” this afternoon. C U

  2. miss V. Says:

    Prayers said for Nana and all of you. Please keep us posted. Dan & vivienne.

  3. quotation marks Says:

    “More fun to come.” I’ll be praying for Nana, and all of you, during all the “fun” times. We’re here to help. I’m getting things straightened out here before M gets home. Then my “shift” begins with J and A. = Fun.

  4. miss V. Says:

    So glad to hear that all went well with Nana’s surgery. We will continue to pray for you all. Hopefully the fun to come, will be of short duration. Our love to you all. Give Nana a hug & kiss from us.

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