Surgery Date

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Nana will have surgery on April 24th at 8am.

After a little more blood work, they’ll schedule her for a chest x-ray and CT-scan for sometime next week.  These tests will help them determine if the cancer has spread.  If they don’t see any signs that it has, they’ll do laparoscopic, robot-assisted surgery.  If the tests show any spread, then she’ll have a more traditional, larger incision surgery.

Obviously, our prayer is that it’s very contained, since this carries a much better prognosis and makes the surgical recovery much easier.


Help Nana beat this thing

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Last week, K’s mom, aka Nana, aka The-Engine-That-Keep-Our-Family-Moving-Forward, had a minor biopsy procedure.  Simple, out-patient.  Afterward, the doctor even said everything looked good.

Then she got a phone call on Monday asking her to come in for an appointment with the doctor.

To say this is never a good sign would be an understatement.

So, long story short, after her appointment with the doctor this morning, we’re now doing all sorts of fun reading of articles with titles like “Uterine Cancer and You!” and “You Can Put the ‘Hysterical’ Back Into ‘Hysterectomy!’

OK, there really aren’t articles named that.  But there should be. But I digress.

So yeah, Nana has uterine cancer.  She goes on Thursday for a surgery consult, where they’ll discuss the various possibilities and probabilities.  We won’t really know a prognosis until they get in there, take out what they can and test it to see how far things have spread.

So right now, the troops are mobilizing.  Lots of folks are asking what they can do to help.  The biggest help is for people to pray that this stuff hasn’t spread very far.  If that’s the case, prognosis is extremely good.

More to come.

How our boy sleeps

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We’re not sure if this is a “protecting the head from monsters while preparing the feet for a quick get-away” pose. But we have no idea how he avoids falling out of bed completely.


Livin’ on a prayer

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The BMTP watch (bread, milk, toilet paper) is in full effect. We’re expecting some snow over the next day, so the kids are pulling out all the stops in hopes that this will lead to at least one day off school.

They’ve been chanting “snow, snow, snow.”

They’ve flushed an ice cube down the toilet.

They’re wearing their pajamas inside out and backwards.


I’m not sure from where these rituals originated, but I’m pretty sure they will “work” at least for tomorrow. Our house is located within the 6-8″ band of the snow forecast.

I wonder if flushing a banana leaf down the toilet will bring on tropical weather?

Dancing Queen

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Last Friday night, I went on a date with a new woman for the first time in 19 years.


Our first school Father/Daughter dance.


K likes to do things right, so she ordered a wrist corsage for A.

And it coordinated with her dress, purse, shoes, and headband, of course.

And it coordinated with her dress, purse, shoes, and headband, of course.


The dance was held in a small ballroom at a local country club.

A lot of the time, the girls danced by themselves, mostly because the dads had no idea what the songs were. Of course, I’m totally current on my Katy Perry.

I did manage to get out on the dance floor a time or two.

K also purchased A some shoes just for the occasion.  Of course, they lasted about 3 minutes before joining the rest of the girls' shoes on the side of the dance floor.

K also purchased A some shoes just for the occasion. Of course, they lasted about 3 minutes before joining the rest of the girls’ shoes on the side of the dance floor.

The had a slide show of father/daughter pictures.  Of course, this really brought out the dads' cameras.

They put together a slide show of father/daughter pictures. Of course, this really brought out the dads’ cameras.

I was no exception.

I was no exception.

A had a great time dancing with her friends.

And bustin’ a move of her own.  And has anybody else used the phrase “bustin’ a move” in the past 20 years?

Yes, this is actually a conga line.

Yes, this is actually a conga line.

A likes to twirl.

A likes to twirl.

Just a random picture of A looking too grown up.

Just a random picture of A looking too grown up.

Why won’t this song/dance die gracefully?

Since A’s dress incorporated glitter, I had a good excuse for coming home covered in it.


And K definitely didn’t mind me dancing with this beautiful young lady.

These are a few of K’s favorite things

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The kids had a project where they had to cut out pictures from a magazine.

First  dilemma … finding one of these mythical “magazines” which used to be popular and were made out of paper, I believe.

These photos had to be of items that could be considered modern-day “idols” for many people.  When A was finished cutting out pictures, K noticed a disturbing trend.


For those of you scoring at home, that’s a golf club, a purse, shoes, and jewelry.

K was, shall we say, less than amused.

WDW – Day Eight

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Well, we went eight straight days to a Disney park and lived to tell about it. Given the choice of where they wanted to go today, the kids chose Magic Kingdom, of course. So off we went for our 4th go round …

The last time seeing this entrance on this trip
For some reason, these gates are always the first signal that we’re at the Magic Kingdom
Today, we decided to take the ferry over.
I have to figure out some way to stop this trend of people using iPads to take videos.
First up, K took A to meet Tinkerbell
While Nana, J and I hit the Jungle Cruise
Another ride on Pirates of the Caribbean

A got a little worried when the pirates were saying they wanted “the redhead”

Another trip on Big Thunder
Front row.
Big Thunder was definitely our favorite of the week
A trip up the Swiss Family Treehouse
Yet another trip on Big Thunder. But this time, J and A wanted to sit by themselves.

Just the kids posing in front of the steamship

The entire Astro Orbiter ride. Caution: May Cause Nausea

If J ever decides that he’s too cool for Disney when he’s a teenager, I’ll remind him of the hoards of roving Brazilian teenage girls who come to the park this time of year.
And I’ll also mention to him that there’s always a national cheerleading competition this time of year as well
A quick stop for some more sugar products.
A convinced J to ride Space Mountain

Ready to go.

I think they liked it.

As for K, well, I’m also pretty sure I know how she felt about it.

But no, we won’t be purchasing a photo today.
As our time wound down, we were able to squeeze in one more ride on Big Thunder

With that, it was time to wave goodbye to Disney World.
One last photo op
The saddest part … heading out the turnstiles.
The monorail trip back to reality